Rotating Brushes, Detangling Brushes, and Double-Sided Hair Straightening Brushes


Hair straightening brushes are some of the best kept hair beauty secrets; many people who should know about them have never even heard of them before. They have no idea that there are brushes that you can turn on and heat up to straighten your hair. Assuming that there many more people who want to know more about straightening brushes, I decided to do this article about the different types so that you can see what the differences are and choose the one that would be best for your individual hair.

Rotating Hair Straightening Brushes

Rotating straightening brushes have a circular barrel with bristles attached to the handle of the brush. This circular shape of the barrel or plate gives the user the flexibility to straighten as well as curl their hair. This type of brush is meant to be used on hair that is slightly damp; before you use a rotating brush on your hair you should first get out as much moisture as you can with a towel. When you use a rotating brush on your hair it will produce hot air from inside the center of the brush; this air will blow on your hair, drying it and straightening it at the same time. The bristles will rotate while you are using the brush, and most of the rotating straightening brushes on the market today – well, the better ones anyway – will be able to rotate in both directions. This type of brush is suitable for all kinds of hair – long or short, thick or thin.

Detangling Hair Straightening Brushes

The best hair straightening brushes will usually also have a detangling function. Personally, I just have to have a detangling brush as my hair is naturally very curly and will get tangled in a heartbeat if I am not careful. These brushes pretty much look like a regular detangling brush with thick, coated, and widely-spaced bristles. The main difference is that straightening brushes are electrical and will be able to dry your hair while also detangling and straightening it. They are very simple to use, as all you will need to do is allow the brush to heat up and then use it to brush your hair, starting at the bottom and working your way down to the ends.

Double-Sized Hair Straightening Brushes

These brushes typically have two plates with bristles that are facing each other. The plates are usually rectangular in shape and it works by placing a section of your hair between the plates and then clamping down on the two sides while slowly moving the brush down through the length of your hair from the root the tip. It will blow dry your hair and straighten it simultaneously, without causing as much heat damage as regular straightening irons. For best results when using this kind of double-sided brush, after you wash your hair you should use a towel to dry it and a wide tooth comb to get rid of any tangles in your hair.


These three are the most popular kinds of hair straightening brushes on the market. As mentioned before, I personally prefer detangling brushes, but you may prefer a rotating brush or double-sided brush for your own reasons. Hopefully this article was able to clearly explain to you the differences between the brush types. Now you will have a good idea of how each one works so that you can choose the one that will be best for your hair.