Using a Hair Straightening Brush


Using a hair straightening brush is a relatively simple process but you should still make sure that you are doing it correctly in order to get the best results. The information below is not from an instruction booklet but rather from my own experience of how I use my straightening brushes. These techniques have worked out well for me so far and that constantly gets positive comments about my hair whenever I go out. I hope that by adopting my methods you will be able to get a similar result.

Wash Hair

Before you use a straightening brush on your hair you should shampoo and condition it so that it is nice and clean. After you wash your hair you should dry it thoroughly with a towel so that it is just a little damp when you use the straightening brush on it. You may want to apply your regular hair moisturizing products before you start to straighten – Moroccan and argan oil are great for this purpose as they help protect your hair against heat damage as well as frizz. I like to put my slightly damp hair into a loose high ponytail and start by taking sections of hair from the back.

Brush Gently

First plug in the bush and then turn it on until it reaches the temperature that you want. Most of the newer brushes will have a LCD display on the handle that will show you the temperature of the brush. As heat can be damaging to your hair, you should always try to use the least amount of heat needed to get your hair straight. Starting with the first section of hair that I take from the back of my head, I usually apply the brush as close to the root as I can get and brush gently and slowly down towards the end. By brushing my hair this way I ensure that each section is evenly dried and straightened. It may be necessary to brush each section 3 or 4 times to get it to be nice and straight. Once all the sections are complete I like to do a general brush through the hair so that I can get any little sections that may just need a little bit more straightening.


For the best results you should keep your brush clean by wiping it regularly with a damp cloth. Ideally, you want to do this after every time that you use it. For more information on how to care for your hair straightening brush you can see my informational article here on this website.
When using your brush, make sure that each section of hair goes deeply into the brush so that all your strands are evenly straightened ; brush slowly so that each section receives just enough heat to make the hair straight. Brushing slowly will also reduce the need for you to brush each section multiple times, and will also reduce the amount of time that your hair is exposed to heat. You will not be as vulnerable to heat damage as you would be otherwise.


As I said before, it really isn’t very complicated to use a hair straightening brush. Basically all you need to do is wash your hair, dry it with a towel, and start brushing. But if you follow my method as detailed above it will certainly help you to achieve that sleek, smooth, and straight look that you are trying to achieve; more effectively and without causing any damage to your hair.