Hair Straightening Brush Reviews
A Better Way To Straighten Your Hair


Whether your hair is long or short, the straight look has always been – and will surely continue to be – very popular. Even if you don’t wear your hair straight all the time, there are just some occasions when the straight look is more desirable.

With hair straightening brushes you can get the look of permanently straightened hair without the commitment or the damage, and that’s why they are my favorite hair styling tools. I just have to have one of these in my arsenal of beauty care products.

People usually ask me where I do my hair because I apparently usually look like I just left the salon – which is perfect and just the look I am going for. They are usually shocked when I reveal my secret – heated hair straightening brushes. So, I decided to share my secret hair straightening weapon on the Internet with anyone who is looking to achieve salon-quality straightened hair at home. As we come in all different types of hair, just one brush would not be sufficient. So I did a lot of research to find the best of the best hair straightening brushes available online. No matter what type of hair you have, thin or thick, you will be able to find one to give you the sleek, smooth, and straight tresses that you have been longing for. Here are my top pick:

Best Hair Straightening Brush Overall – LittleBlack Hairbrush


I chose the LittleBlack Hairbrush as the best overall brush because it is so much like the little black dress that every girl needs to have in her wardrobe – it’s easy to use, can make you look better in just 5 minutes, and it protects you from damage. And because it’s black, it will be able to go with just about anything in your wardrobe, although you won’t actually be carrying this accessory when you go out on a date. It will do a good enough job of styling your hair that you won’t need to do any touch-ups in the bathroom at the restaurant.

Just Five Minutes

Most of the time when I am styling my hair I am in a hurry to get somewhere. In such times I do not have the time or patience to wait for my hair styling tools to get hot enough for me to use. Unfortunately, that means that I normally end up with an uneven style, or spending even more time re-doing some sections of my hair to get my whole head of hair looking uniform. Talk about frustrating! So I know that the time-saving features on the LittleBlack Hairbrush will be appreciated by many women like myself who need to get ready in a hurry. This brush was designed for fast styling and heats up to the desired temperature in only a few seconds.

Safe Hair Straightening

Whereas with most flat irons and hot combs you are putting your luscious tresses at great risk of heat damage, with the LittleBlack Hairbrush you can relax, knowing that your hair is protected from the heat. The brush uses ceramic technology to evenly heat and straighten your hair, as well as ion technology that makes your hair silky and shiny. These technologies work together to reduce the damaging effects of heat and help keep it healthy and strong.

Best Professional Straightening Brush – FemJolie 3-in-1


Do you want to be able to achieve that “I just left the salon” look from the comfort of your very own bathroom? Well, with this straightening brush from FemJolie you will be able to do just that. The brush uses advanced technology and a professional design to give you salon-quality styling every time you use it, but you won’t have to pay the salon price or wait for your appointment! You may never have a bad hair day again if you decide to purchase one of these brushes.

Salon Quality Styling

The FemJolie is designed to give you that “straight out of the salon to the runway” feel every day that you use it. The bristles each have heat-proof silicone tips so that they won’t damage you hair, and the brush has precise temperature control settings so that all hair types can be straightened without heat damage. For hair that is very thin and fine, a temperature between 340 and 390 degrees is sufficient; for normal hair of average thickness, about 375- 410 degrees. For hair that is very thick, higher temperatures of about 410 – 450 degrees is just enough to give you that sleek and silky-smooth, salon-quality hair style that you want.

Innovative Hair Tool Technology

Frizz and static don’t stand a chance with this hair straightener; it has anti- frizz technology that fights static and helps to keep your hair looking shiny and smooth. Other features, like the ceramic heating plate that ensures the heat is evenly distributed on your hair, also help to protect your hair and straighten it safely. This brush also has an easy-to-read LCD display on its comfortable non-grip handle; it’s easy to see the temperature so that you are always using the correct temperature and do not accidentally overheat your hair.

Best for the Money – Possiave Pink


The best budget hair straightening brush is definitely the Possiave Pink, because not only does this little pink brush have a super affordable price tag, it also has more functionality than many other hair straighteners out there. It’s feature-packed too, with useful features like an auto shut-off feature, leak protection, and short-circuit protection. You will get a whole lot of brush for a little bit of your cash when you become the owner of this little pink brush.

So Much Value!

When you purchase this pink hair straightener from Possiave you will actually be getting three hair tools in one. So even though it is a budget-friendly hair tool, it gets you great value for your money as you can use it in more than one way. Its primary function is as a ceramic iron straightener, but it is also a detangling brush and an anion hair massager as well. If you have hair that gets tangled easily, like I do, then having a detangling brush like will be very handy, and who doesn’t like to have their hair massaged? Even my shih tzu Sugar loves it when I rub her head, and I know I would definitely be using this brush to massage my head very regularly.

Static Be Gone!

Does your hair like to stick out in random directions when you dry it? So you may already know (especially if this does happen to you) that sticking-out action is called “static”, and no woman/girl likes to have static in their hair unless it’s Halloween time and you are going for the “I just got out of an asylum” look. If static is an issue for you then you will be happy to know that this straightening brush uses anti-static technology to reduce the number of negative ions in your hair during the styling process. You can use some Moroccan oil on your hair before styling to eliminate static and frizz altogether.

Best Premium Brush – Dafni Original


The title of best premium hair straightening brush goes to the Dafni Original, primarily because of its incredible ability to effectively straighten all types of hair. This brush is also very easy to use and will not burn or even singe your hair – even if you use it very close to your hair’s root. All you have to do to get a nice straight head of hair with this brush is heat it up and start brushing. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

3D Ceramic Surface

You may know that many of the best hair straighteners use ceramic technology to make them safe and more effective to use. Well, the Dafni Original takes ceramic technology one step further and includes 3D ceramic technology in its design. This 3D ceramic technology allows the bristles as well as the base of the brush to heat up evenly in just seconds; this gives you the ability to straighten your hair faster and achieve a more uniform look as the end result. The technology is also much safer for your hair, as it straightens your hair faster so it’s not exposed to heat for longer than necessary and therefore the risk of being damaged by heat is reduced.

All Types of Hair

Whether you have very thin Caucasian hair, very thick Afro-American hair, or anything in between, this hair straightener from Dafni is built to handle the job. This is a well-built and sturdy brush that will be able to straighten even the thickest head of hair easily. The thick ceramic-coated bristles help it to move smoothly through very thick hair without any tangling or any of the pain that usually accompanies brushing this type of hair. There is only one temperature setting on this brush, but from the user reviews it is all you will need to achieve a sleek, straight look with this brush – no matter what kind of hair you have.

Best Anti-Frizz Straightening Brush – Arabella Ceramic


Frizz and static are really issues that many women have to deal with when styling their hair every day, so I thought it would be only right that I should include a best pick for an anti-frizz hair straightener in my reviews. There are many heated brushes that have frizz-fighting abilities, but I selected the Arabella Ceramic because it is specifically designed to fight frizz as well as straighten you hair, and it does a great job at both tasks.

Frizz Fighting Machine

This straightening brush utilizes the latest and most innovative anti-static technology available for heated hair styling tools to ensure that you don’t have any frizz or static when you are finished styling your hair with it. This technology also makes the brush safe to use as it reduces the damaging effects of heat on your hair. The tips of the bristles are securely rooted in the the brush’s ceramic irons, so you can be sure that they will not break, even with frequent use.

Quality Craftsmanship

The placement of the bristles, which makes them virtually unbreakable, is just one example of the quality design and craftsmanship that went into creating the Arabella Ceramic. The original engineering and design in this brush truly makes it stand out from the rest. This is a strong and durable brush that will be around to keep your hair frizz-free, smooth, and straight for years to come.

Best for Damaged Hair – SANCAN Professional


Got split ends? Heat damage? Then your hair needs special attention. It doesn’t just need a hair styling brush that will have minimal heat damage like most of the ones that available on the market. It needs one that will cause ZERO heat damage like this SANCAN Professional, and that is why I picked it out to be the best brush for damaged hair. It just doesn’t get better than zero heat damage.

Zero Heat Damage

When your hair is suffering from heat damage the best thing to do is to not use any heated styling tools on it whatsoever and give it time to recover. However, for most of us, who need to look our best at all times, this is just not a practical solution. I know that many of my girlfriends (and myself too) are guilty of using heated tools even when we are not supposed to. The SANCAN Professional is as safe a solution to this problem as I have seen. How does it achieve this “Zero Heat-Damage”? Well the brush heats up so quickly that your hair doesn’t have the time to burn! The MCH fast heat-up feature gets the brush to temperatures as high as 450 degrees in just 90 seconds, so you can quickly style your hair and not cause any heat damage to it.

User Friendly Design

This straightening brush also has some other features that make it very user-friendly, like the digital display on its handle that is clear and easy to read. There is also an auto lock function that prevents the brush from being turned on accidentally, and a 360-degree swivel cable that makes it easy to use the brush from all angles.

Best Detangling Straightening Brush – DROK


Tangles! Arggh! Even the mention of the word gets me in a bad mood; I have had many a bad hair day because my hair gets tangled so easily. Thankfully those memories are truly a thing of the past. For hair that gets tangled easily you need a good brush like the DROK; it detangles as it straightens your hair, to give you smooth tangle-free tresses every time.

Straighter, Healthier Hair

This is an iron ceramic brush that heats up very fast and distributes heat evenly throughout your hair, so that no matter what type of hair you have, thin or thick, it will come out detangled, nice and straight. Because it heats up fast you will be able to style your hair faster and go about your business sooner, knowing that your hair is flawless and not damaged in the process. When your straightener heats up quickly like this one from DROK does, your hair will spend less time being exposed to the heat and therefore it will not be at risk to as much heat damage.

Multi Functional

You will not only get a hair straightener when you purchase this styling tool, you will also get a anion hair massager (I could use one of these right now!) and a detangling brush, as it has these additional functions as well. This means more value for your money and for your hair, as the massager can stimulate hair growth if used regularly. It can also help you to relax if you are feeling stressed. The detangling brush will make it easier for you to achieve the smooth, straight look that you want to get.

Final Touches

Not all styling tools, hair straighteners included, are created equal and so it is important to know what is available and how they function. When it comes to your hair you can’t be too careful. Buying the wrong hair straightener or one that is of poor quality can cost you dearly if it ends up damaging your hair, or even if you have to spend unnecessary time to return it and get a refund. My aim is to save you from making these costly mistakes by providing you with only the very best options. So those are my best picks for hair straightening brushes and hopefully one of them is just the styling tool that you need to help you get the look you want.